Seahorses? Really?

      Many newer Harbour Lights collectors may not be aware that a seahorse may be lurking somewhere on your lighthouse sculpture. In fact, nearly every Harbour Lights full sized replica has one hiding somewhere! It may be in the water, or perhaps the bushes. Sometimes they are lurking within the rocks or dirt or somewhere else. Some are easy to spot while others are very difficult. They are there, though, on nearly every Harbour Lights lighthouse (except small versions such as "Little Lights", ornaments, and thumbnails).

       The beginnings of adding the seahorses go back to even before Harbour Lights made its very first lighthouse. Long before founder Bill Younger explored the idea of creating collectible lighthouse replicas, he was a very successful sales rep for the David Winter cottages line. As many David Winter collectors are aware, each David Winter piece had a sort of mouse cast onto it. Sometimes they were quite cute, while sometimes the mouse looked like a bit of a blob. Each one was usually just bits of clay quickly added on to the finished sculpture by David, himself, just before he created the original mold from it.. Bill had a very close relationship with David Winter and it was actually the artist who suggested that Bill add a bit of "signature" to each of his pieces.

         Whenever collectors asked about the seahorse, the official Harbour Lights line about the little sea creatures was always, "Seahorse? What seahorse?" It was similar to David Winter's response when asked about the mice on his sculptures. To this day I'm sure Bill would give you the same answer if you asked him about it.

           Despite Bill's denials, there ARE seahorses on the lighthouse sculptures! During the heyday of collecting in the 1990's and early 2000's, collectors' groups were formed just for the sole purpose of finding the seahorse on each new Harbour Lights release. Bragging rights went to the first person who could locate the seahorse and announce it to the group! Just one of the many reasons why those early Harbour Lights collectors called themselves WACKO's!

             Now that you are aware of the seahorse, look your pieces over. When you find your seahorse send me a photo. Perhaps we'll post it onto our Facbook page. Happy hunting (or in this case, fishing)!