Harbour Lights Tutorials

      With 1,000 or more lighthouses across a wide range of categories, Harbour Lights collecting can be confusing to the new collector, (and even to veteran collectors too!). It is my hope that with these ongoing tutorials we can help you make sense of the world's most loved and appreciated lighthouse collectible line!

       I will be periodically adding new info and breaking down much of the confusion of Harbour Lights collecting. It's a fun and fascinating world! I hope you enjoy these tutorials as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. If you still need any questions answered about any Harbour Lights product or category, please drop me a note at roland@thecapecod store.com or phone me at 508-364-0947 and I will do my utmost to help you!

                  Roland Babineau, owner of The Cape Cod Store.com and Harbour Lights expert.

The Many Categories of Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights Lighthouses Countries of Origin

Late year Harbour Lights Releases

Mold Masters, Paint Masters and Counter Samples

Seahorses? Really?

Artist Proofs Explained

The Significance of Serial Numbers