Jingle Birds

These beautiful wind chimes are made in the USA with American made products. They are crafted by award-winning duck decoy designers and hand painted with highly durable outdoor acrylics. Perched on a real wooden twig and hung with super tough Kentucky leather, these birds can endure just about any weather Mother Nature throws at them. Add a copper bell and you now have a unique American folk art wind chime.

  Each Jingle Bird is approx. 6" - 7" from the tip of the tail to the point of its beak. The owls are just a bit larger. They are very similar in size to the actual bird that they represent.

***Important Note***

We have recently received word that the artisans who handcraft our jingle birds are retiring and will no longer be providing us with these beautiful American folk art items. We have limited amounts remaining and what is left will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Order yours now before they are gone forever!