HL Counter Samples

Before full production could commence on a Harbour Lights lighthouse, two completely finished specimens would be completed by the factory and sent to the Harbour Lights offices for approval. These pieces were called Counter Samples. If approved, an HL executive, (usually Kim Andrews or Harry Hine), would sign off as accepted. One of the Counter Samples would be sent back to the factory with the "go ahead" to start full production while the second would remain at HL and be used as a quality control item to be matched against all new production lighthouses. As nearly all of the factories in Malaysia and China that produced Harbour Lights replicas are now out of business, it is highly likely that most of the second Counter Samples have been destroyed, making the vast majority that we offer "one-of-a-kinds"!

All of the Counter Samples that we offer come to us directly from the remnants of the old Harbour Lights storehouse and have never been available to collectors until now.

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