HL Mold Masters

Every Harbour Lights collectible starts with an artist creating a clay sculpture of the piece. When he/she has completed the sculpture, a mold is made from it. Resin is then poured into the mold and allowed to harden. The raw sculpture which emerges from the mold is called the mold master.

Usually, two mold castings are created by the artist. (Sometimes Harbour Lights would have two different artists create a sculpture from Harbour Lights' design and the better of the two would be accepted). If they are approved by Harbour Lights, one of the Mold Masters is sent to the factory so that they are able to create molds for the production of that piece. The other Mold Master remained at the Harbour Lights office. It would be held there in case the factory model was damaged and new mold had to be constructed.

The Mold Masters we offer are those which were stored in the Harbour Lights storehouse. They were sent directly to us and have never been available to collectors until now.

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